We worked with Birch Lake, a new boutique merchant bank startup based in Chicago’s business district. The company invests in undervalued, high-potential organizations and advises corporations and investors on mergers and acquisitions, financial restructurings and complex situations. Birch Lake has a startup heart and a veteran roster, so we wanted to crack the mold of a typical financial brand, and provide a fresh differentiated interpretation of what financial firms feel like these days.

Using a complementary language of natural elements signifying growth (birches) and constant adaptability (water), the Birch Lake identity is captured through a single geometric and bold wordmark with blue accents. This foundation is complemented by minimalist organic patterns, subtle paper textures and photographs of global 

business centers where Birch Lake’s clients are based. This sophisticated combination evokes themes of business scale and the world of financing. At the same time, the design is suggestive of a more personal approach attached to the boutique firm, reflecting its inner values.

604 DAVIS STREET #5, EVANSTON, IL 60201 | (855) 604-2345