Hugimals entered the market with several challenges: a lack of brand presence, minimal top-of-mind awareness, and a fledgling marketing footprint. Despite its innovative product, the brand was essentially a startup, lacking the organizational structure and brand equity that could facilitate rapid growth. This presented a unique set of challenges that required a nuanced approach to branding and digital strategy.




Digital / Ecommerce


Studio Pax embarked on a holistic brand transformation for Hugimals, a company recognized by Time magazine for its innovative weighted plush toys as one of the “Best Inventions of 2022.”. We initiated the project with an in-depth brand analysis, aligning our strategy with the founder Marina Khidekel’s vision of providing therapeutic comfort. We designed a Shopify e-commerce site that served as both a sales channel and a storytelling platform. Our team also conceptualized unique packaging designs and influencer kits aimed at maximizing social media impact. Additionally, we art-directed a custom photoshoot to create a cohesive visual narrative for the brand.


The outcome has been nothing short of transformative for Hugimals. The Shopify platform we developed has become a robust sales channel, complemented by a brand narrative that has resonated deeply with consumers. Our packaging concepts have not only elevated the product but have also become a talking point, enhancing brand recall. The influencer packages have led to increased visibility and engagement, contributing to a surge in online traffic and sales.

The custom photoshoot has provided a rich repository of visual assets that have been leveraged across marketing channels, adding depth and dimension to the brand’s online presence. Overall, the rebranding and digital initiatives have led to a significant uptick in brand awareness, customer engagement, and revenue, affirming Hugimals’ position as a leader in the wellness toy industry.

By aligning our expertise in brand and digital frameworks with Hugimals’ innovative approach to wellness, we’ve created a synergy that has propelled the brand into new heights of success. This project stands as a testament to Studio Pax’s commitment to research-driven, sector-specific specialization.

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