How do you demonstrate what the Next-Generation of power delivery looks like?
Studio Pax brought this B2B technological brand to life through a mix of integrated marketing services, top 3D visualization technology, and the creation of a dynamic digital ecosystem driving content and eCommerce. All within a competitive product category and a difficult-to-penetrate B2B environment.



B2B eCommerce




From virtual booth, social media, technology partners, and strategic partnering–the FLI Charge brand required an astute level of branding and communication bridging B2B and B2C, as well as mixing both physical products and digital services–a hallmark of ecosystem-driven companies. Studio Pax was the strategy and creative partner chosen to execute all brand, messaging, and marketing initiatives.

Our projects included strategic pitch decks, corporate presentations, a corporate and ecommerce website, product sales sheets, social promotions, paid ads and lead generation campaigns. All these deliverables were part of omnichannel efforts in multiple verticals such as collaborative working spaces, tech education, retail of technology products, and ecosystem-based companies.


With the help of realistic 3D visualization, FLI Charge was able to convey various use cases for its current products to leadership of potential customers. Renderings of its prototypes were used to test market concepts while the physical prototyping took place.

Primarily B2B, the FLI Charge online store, Instagram and FB stores were used to test the commercial potential of FLI Charge consumer line of products, as well as establish the company across a broad range of customer segments. With the help of these stores, FLI Charge was able to expand the range of existing customers, attract new audiences, and sell goods in a Direct to Consumer fashion (D2C) while securing larger B2B contracts.

“AWESOME partnership with Studio Pax…
FLI Charge is building the next-generation energy delivery platform and Pax is part of this journey.”


Khalid Zitouni / FLI Charge CEO

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