Rogers Research Lab

“Items: Is Fashion Modern?” 2017-2018 exhibit

Concept Art Direction & Storyboarding – September 2017

This soft, flexible amd skin-thin patch promises to be the next generation of bio-integrated wearable technology designed by Rogers Lab at Northwestern University.  Showcased at the Exhibit “Items: Is Fashion Modern” at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, it’s a perfect case of engineering innovation shown as art. The exhibit examines the intersection of fashion and functionality, design and technology, and in the case of the device, the perfect 

convergence of science and art. Studio Pax created the original visual narrative and storyboard for the exhibit video that was used to explain both the science and beauty of this futuristic device. The challenges for this project included the inability to use any audio while maintaining a level of visual sophistication representing science in an accurate yet artistic manner.

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